Most weekends from February to December, the Ruth Pretty Cooking School shares recipes, cooking ideas and entertaining secrets for 36 participants amid the rural tranquility of Te Horo.

Guest presenters - a range of top chefs and food personalities - complement Ruth Prettys own classes. They show participants how to prepare the dishes on that days menu in a relaxed environment, where stories are told and questions answered.

A long lunch on the verandah, under sun umbrellas, or even at the chefs benches, savouring every dish from the class (with matching wines) finishes off the day. Recipes are provided and participants only need bring their culinary interest and an appetite. Classes start from $210 (incl GST) per person.
Preliminary coffee, teas and a tasty little treat is served in the Garden Room from 9.15am, and the class starts at 10am.  Watch and learn as the presenter takes you through each dish step by simple step.  You don't need to bring a thing: take-home recipes are provided and a pen for adding your own notes and all those extra little tips the presenters offer.  A late morning coffee break is also a chance to peruse the treasures of Ruth's Kitchen Shop, and the full menu as demonstrated is served for lunch with matched wines or other drinks about 2pm.  The class generally concludes about 4pm and experienced participants prefer not to plan on a big dinner that night!!
Modern Hong Kong Food with Tony Tan
Modern hong kong food with tony tan
12 AUGUST 2017:  Melbourne-based Tony Tan has an unequalled knowledge of the nuances, similarities and differences in various Asian cuisines. Travelling and writing extensively, he understands and shares the foods of this vast and complex region in his highly-regarded books...


Wine and Dine with the Prince of Pinot
Wine and dine with the prince of pinot
15 JULY 2017:  It may be a cool winter day outside, but inside you are warmed by the magic of inspired food and wine matches, the sensuous pleasures of Pinot Noir and the surprisingly down to earth style of Larry...


To Mum with Love (How to High Tea for Mother's Day)
To mum with love (how to high tea for mother's day)
13 & 14 MAY 2017:  An ideal Mothers’ Day mix: fun demo with Ruth, light frivolous yet delicious food and relaxed time together. Maybe with your Mum, your sister or simply good friends. Happy memories like these don’t date, fade...


Kids in the Kitchen, Part 15: Special Occasion Baking
Kids in the kitchen, part 15: special occasion baking
12 JULY 2017:  This is the much-requested follow up to our recent Home Baking Kids class – what do you bake for a special occasion. Do you go down the delicate High Tea route? Or a jaw-droppingly gorgeous celebration cake?...